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PRESSEMITTEILUNG: Partnerschaft mit INS Global

As part of the expansion of our consulting portfolio in the area of business development and expansion, msw_Consulting Services Ltd. has entered into a partnership with the Chinese global expansion firm INS Global ( INS Global, a global expansion consulting firm mainly specializing in Human Resources, Employment Solutions and Financial services. INS Global supports many well-known companies in their expansion into Asia and also the restructuring of already existing operations in Asia.

In combination with strategy consulting in the area of business development, we are increasingly encountering the need for consulting services in the area of 'expansion into Asia' and the development of markets on the continent. "INS Global enables companies from the German-speaking countries (DACH) to expand into Asia with clearly defined cost structures and by avoiding often costly bureaucracy", Michael S. Wiedemann, Managing Partner of msw_Consulting Services, describes the advantages of the partnership.

"We are pleased to have Mike Wiedemann on our team as an extremely successful and experienced sales partner for our services in DACH. "The DACH market is very important to INS Global and having a local partner in the region will help us reach DACH companies better and help them meet their expansion goals.", says Wei Hsu, CEO of INS Global.

About INS Global:

INS Global is one of Asia’s leading Global PEO and market-entry consulting firms. Since our founding in 2006, more than 300 companies worldwide have used INS Global’s services to simplify their expansion into new markets. We have worked closely with businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational corporations, continuously and successfully delivering on their ambitious expansion projects around the world.


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