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The CEO's dream - or how to become the number one!

In the world of the Cloud, Big Data and AI, we seem to be pretty close to fulfilling the first part of the CEO's dream. Instead of using 80% of their resources to 'run the company' and only 20% of the resources to 'change the company', the CEO's are now able to use sufficient resources to make their companies more competitive. With the proper usage of their IT they can already achieve the first part of the dream:

Total transparency!

Now, it's time to work on the second part! But how to actually achieve:

Total control!

over the enterprise? Yeah, agreed, it's a tricky thing. Because even if you have a tight grip on your direct reports it doesn't mean everything is even correctly communicated to all the employees throughout the company, not to even speak about being fully realized! It's the 'human factor' which is obviously hard to get under control. So what about being a real leader, dear CEO? Not just a manager ... The thing with a leader is the 'tribe' is following out of conviction rather than out of conscientiousness. So that seems to be the key here: step into the light and be a leader!

Once you have achieved control over every corner of 'your realm' (it's only really yours if you own the company, of course :-)), it's time to make the last step, which might be the hardest one as well. You have to be better than all your competitors, you have to climb the ladder, get to the top and become the number one! It's all about:

Total supremacy!

Of course, the prerequisites are to have happy customers and an 'encouraged tribe' to make your customers happy. But there is more, you need much more. You have to leave the 'plain of technology' and to dive into the realms of creativity. You have to find your divine capability to make something really new, to create!

Need some help, a coach or sparring partner, on your journey? Get in touch with us. And never forget: "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars ..."


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