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Management & Technical Consultants

Through years of experienced we have specialized in some areas and only in these specific areas we are offering our consulting services. Therefore you always can be assured that you have a reliable, experienced and well-proved partner on your side.

Companies all over the world need to adjust quickly to the challenges of a ever-changing, often fast pacing economy. In order to cope with these challenges especially in the area of human resources we are offering our 'Interim Management' services. Regardless whether you need a General Manager, a Sales Manager or an IT Manager, we can certainly offer the right person for your requirements. 


If you would like to start-up a business here in Germany (or Austria and Switzerland) we would recommend having a look at our ‘Start-up Services’ offering first. Our services will help you to drastically reduce your cost and your risk. From the establishment of a branch office to the development of your first sales pipeline, we will provide all the advice and practical support you require. 

The most sophisticated product or the best service is always only as much worth as your sales and marketing can get across to the market. Let us help you with our services in the area ‘Business Development’ to ensure a professional and effective approach of the German/Central European market. 

Dozens of seasoned, highly motivated and continuously trained IT experts are the backbone of our ‘Technology Services’ offering. With decades of experience in different areas of we are able to support your organization from strategic decisions over selection processes to price negotiations with IT vendors. You are not sure which technology you might need and which trend you can easily ignore? Just get in contact with us, we are happy to help! 

The network is offering totally neutral and product independent services with no further interest and we guarantee, in contrast to many other service providers, to always have the customer interest and only the customer interest in the focus of our endeavors.

SERVICES (cont.)

We have the very best references within nearly all important business areas and from renowned companies of all sizes. We will introduce the success stories of our network on this web site regularly in the future and we will also provide you with information about our activities in cutting-edge technologies.

If you need any specific reference fitting for your business problem or your industry, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We will provide you with the fitting reference coming from companies with a comparable background and comparable requirements.

The majority of our references coming out of the areas of Business Development, IT Strategy, Management Consulting, Interim Management and Mergers and Acquisition. We mainly operate in the Financial Services, Telecom, Energy and Utilities, Automotive and High-Tech industries.


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